Life, Meaning, and the Hokey Pokey

I’m a big fan of funny bumper stickers. The corny ones ease the frustration of being stuck in traffic, and the good ones can offer a fresh perspective, if only for a moment. One of my favorites is:

hokey pokey bumper sticker

That one always makes me laugh, because it does such a beautiful job of capturing—and skewering—that nagging little voice that can keep me up at night, especially now that I’m officially “over the hill.” But when I dig a little deeper, I realize that this silly bumper sticker taps into one of my core beliefs:

Life has more meaning when you put your whole self in — and it’s way more fun when you shake it all about!

I believe in what I call “full-spectrum living”. I know that when my mind, heart, body, and soul are in harmony and I’m connected with my sense of purpose, life is vibrant and meaningful. When those things aren’t present—when I hide or distort some aspect of who I am in order to fit in, when my actions are based on an old story of not belonging rather than the truth of deep connection, when I override my innate sense of the bigger picture—life falls flat.

People on the verge of a major transition are hungry for prismatic living, though they might not know it. Many of my clients want to address a compelling issue that’s keeping them awake at night–their job or career, a significant relationship, a new business, the prospect of an empty nest or retirement, a recent loss. Others have a strong sense in the pit of their gut that something is calling them, but they don’t know what it is. Regardless of whether it’s causing anguish or anticipation, that issue is the bright light that guides them to me.

My clients come with a fervent desire to understand and resolve the issue that brought them to my door. The dance starts as they describe that issue in all its blazing intensity.

Then we bring out the prism, and the magic begins.

When the bright lighLight dispersiont of a client’s issue meets the prism, the full spectrum of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values, stories, hopes, fears, and dreams that are bundled into it are revealed in all their messy glory.

That’s where Prismatic coaching meets
the Hokey Pokey.

Prismatic hands

Together, we explore, distill, celebrate, and integrate every aspect of the issue, and we look at how it’s connected to the full spectrum of my client’s life. We shake things up a bit, and we turn things around to gain new perspectives. It’s a deep, juicy process of discovery, healing, and transformation.


I’d love to hear how the Hokey Pokey shows up in your life. Here’s some food for thought:

  • Do you put your whole self into your pursuits and relationships, or do you hold something back?
  •  What bold step could you take to move in the direction of full-spectrum living?

Join the dance by posting a comment.


If you’re hungry for some Hokey-Pokey, full-spectrum living,  click here to book a complimentary Prismatic Scan.  We’ll take a look at the full spectrum of your life, and you’ll gain clarity about how to increase the vibrancy of the areas that matter most to you.

I look forward to dancing with you!

Yours in full color,


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