HeadshotA bit about me …

I’m a coach, facilitator, and consultant with over 30 years experience in a variety of settings. Trained in clinical social work and Co-Active® coaching, I specialize in revealing the full spectrum of possibilities in life and leadership for individuals, groups, and organizations.

I believe that life is an improvisational dance that we create from moment to moment as we respond to what we notice in the here and now. I love helping my clients clarify their core values, set aside limiting beliefs and old stories, and make choices in each moment that expand their sense of fulfillment, balance, and purpose.

I believe that each of us is an extraordinary individual, with a unique array of traits, gifts, and experiences that interact in complex and beautiful ways as we go through life, like the ever-changing patterns within a kaleidoscope. The fundamental truth is that you belong here, you matter, and the world would not be complete without you.

My work is informed by six decades of life, a richly varied career path, and extensive cross-cultural experience in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. I derive inordinate delight from playing my ukulele, singing with jazz ensembles, cuddling with my dogs and cat, puttering in my garden, and enjoying life with family and friends.

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